Go to market faster. Outperform the competition. Streamline.

Streamline ensures that all assembly components—unit cost, workflow, delivery—lead smoothly, efficiently, and directly to you… and your bottom line.

Go to market faster. Outperform the competition. Streamline.

In a typical manufacturing plant, there are hundreds or even thousands of control loops. Each control loop is responsible for controlling one part of the process, such as maintaining a temperature, level, or flow.

If the control loop is not properly designed and tuned, the process runs below its optimum. The process becomes expensive to operate, equipment wears out prematurely and levels of quality fluctuate.

Out of the Loop

In the ideal assembly line, however, each movement is as simple, short, and straightforward as possible, with no cross-flow, deviations, or backtracking. Work assignments, numbers of machines, and production rates are programmed so that all operations performed along the line are compatible. Workers and machinery work seamlessly at a certain pace with very repetitive motions, leading to higher output in less time with predictable outcomes.

No Tools Required

From small projects like creating wire harnesses and filter/regulator assemblies to constructing fully integrated hydraulic and electrical control systems, Streamline will guide every element of your project, from beginning to end. Our full-time electrical and mechanical engineers can design a product from concept and see it through to completion, based on your timetable and your budget. Our in-house experts will source, purchase, and warehouse every component of your order, and deliver to you just one product, the finished assembly.